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The transforming choice

The first and best thing to do with mystery is be quiet. The word itself suggests it. It’s from the Greek mustēs, “secret,” something shared only with the initiated. It has the sense of “shhhh,” a sound best made with a forefinger pressed to the lips. Maybe that’s why, after Jesus’ disciples had witnessed his […]

A ham-or-eggs life

It’s difficult to pinpoint the moment when spring arrives. It tiptoes up to us, subtle and shy, trying hard not to show itself. And then, before we’re aware of it, everything is changing. Here’s how Todd Nelson described it in the Christian Science Monitor. “The junipers may still be shagged with ice. Ice-fishing shacks still […]

The hinge of choice

During my last eye exam, the doctor told me I have the start of cataracts. It could be years before I need to do anything about them, he said, but the news was a gentle reminder of the shortness of life, the kind of reminder the psalmist prayed would lead to wisdom of heart (Ps. […]