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Answers in life matter less than answering. The process of responding to questions, of responding to life itself, is more important than any particular response. As an old railroad song puts it – if you’ve taken a trip on an old railroad, steam-powered locomotive and all, you’ll know this – “Isn’t it the going and […]

Incarnation happens

Advent is a season of waiting, but I’m not sure we’re in the mood to wait. It’s a season of expectant waiting as we prepare for both the Feast of Christ at Christmas and the return of Christ at the so-called Second Coming. But the Feast of Christ is a memorial, and we’ve been waiting […]

Holding on to the dying

During the years immediately after I completed seminary, a question from Thomas Merton – actually, two questions – lodged permanently in my consciousness. “If you want to identify me,” he wrote, “ask me not where I live or how I comb my hair or what I like to eat, but ask me what I am […]

A little R&R

Did Jesus really say we can’t be his disciple if we don’t give up all our possessions (Luke 14:33)? Think how hard it would be if we did that. How would you hold your breakfast cereal? How would you brush your teeth in the morning? If that’s what he meant, there would be a lot […]


What was it that motivated Abram to get up and leave family and home for an uncertain future in an unknown place (Gen. 11:31—12:4)? What would motivate any of us to do that? What is it in us – emptiness, hunger, yearning, hope, frustration, dissatisfaction, aspiration – that would so complete and fulfill our life, […]

The stranger among us

Mistakes can teach some of life’s greatest lessons. Without mistakes, I think life could not be perfect. In the book The World According to Mister Rogers, Fred Rogers illustrates that point in the story of a young apprentice who applied for a job with a master carpenter. During the job interview, the older man wanted […]