The path of every true religion leads to reconciliation. True religion does not divide, it unites, it restores one’s experience of creation to its original integrity.

The best portion of a good man’s life . . .

Waiting, I noticed the midsummer sound of cicadas, their dry rasp foretelling summer’s finale and autumn’s approach, and soon after that, winter. Some find it a sad sound, herald of the season’s ending. I find it mellow comfort: an invitation to rest; to return to the earth, my source; to reground in what is more […]

Some years ago, a fellow from the Adirondacks called Willem Lange, one of Vermont’s treasured storytellers, wanting to know if he had the time to restore an old canoe. Lange didn’t have the time, but since it was the kind of thing he could do in the evenings, and since he loved old canoes, he […]

“There is only one book to a man,” John Steinbeck believed, only one book each author has it in him or in her to write. He considered East of Eden to be his and wrote that he’d been practicing for it for thirty-five years, more than half his life. I’ve heard it said each preacher […]

It’s the season for sleeping with open windows – even as the dog days begin – and waking to the sound not of an alarm clock but of birdsong. When I carried the burden of more outer commitments, I’d turn to the television for an early news and weather report. Had another act of terrorism […]

I take it to be a sign of growth into wholeness, and not of laziness, self-absorption, or degeneration, that I’m more accepting of the less desirable aspects of my nature. “I must have a dark side also,” Jung believed, “if I am to be whole.” The dark aspects of my nature – parts I don’t […]

Jesus took the most ordinary life and revealed it to be the extraordinary life we’ve been seeking. He did so not by changing it or promising a different and better version of it in the future but by changing the way we perceive it and enter into relationship with it. The blessed life we call […]

For two days the wind has blown, slowing or perhaps bringing on its heels the approaching summer’s heat. It comes not as a whisper but as a sigh, a soft song rising and falling to some freshening rhythm I can’t catch. “If you would know yourself,” Rod McKuen wrote, “know the sea.” It seems it’s […]