Rich Neal is, in no particular order, a wordsmith and graphic designer; lover of typography, books, and publishing; photographer; contemplative and seeker after God; retired pastor and transitional ministry specialist; and saunterer. He is founder of The Harmony Initiatives, a ministry to enhance fullness of life in individuals, families, communities, and not-for-profit and religious organizations. Rich lives in the Buffalo, New York, area with a wise and gifted wife and three four-footed friends.

Rich claims neither special wisdom nor particularly deep insight into life, only occasional glimpses of those things along the way. He shares them here in the hope of connecting the pieces of life’s puzzle that come to him in the journey. He would consider it a gift if sharing them also connected him with others who travel toward the same unknown end.


  1. Interesting, Rich!! I shall saunter with you from time to time…

  2. Good to meet you. šŸ™‚

  3. Ember Hilkert · · Reply

    Wonderful! I’ll wander along as you saunter.

  4. Rev. Justin Ledbetter · · Reply

    arrived upon your blog from searching ā€˜distresses of choiceā€™ while reading ā€œa guide to prayer for ministers and other servantsā€ and thankful to have found tje glimpses you share / grace and peace

    1. Welcome to my blog, Justin. Glad to be part of the conversation with you.

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