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Love’s yoke

It may be time to reread your Christian discipleship agreement. When you do, pay attention to the fine print. The invitation says something about an easy yoke and a light burden (Matt. 11:25-30), and if you’re feeling weary and heavy laden you might stop there. Keep reading, and you’ll find a model for effective prayer […]

Lord, teach us to pray

Just after the shootings in Orlando, Bishop Mark Webb called us to prayer. He didn’t need to do that; surely we’ve been praying hard. Like the proverbial widow at the door of the unjust judge, we’ve knocked on God’s door till our knuckles bleed, and the shootings continue. The challenge, I think, is not to […]

Chosen and sent

Twenty billion dollars. That’s roughly the amount Americans are expected spend this year1 to dishonor the Mother’s Day holiday and its founders, Ann and Anna Jarvis. No other holiday is as popular for dining out;2 Hallmark reports it’s the number three holiday for card sales, behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day; and only on Christmas are […]