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The gift of cold

As this part of the world falls toward winter, another part careers toward spring. Earth is at once cooling and warming, settling into rest and gathering itself for a new burgeoning. That’s the nature, the wholeness, of the creation in which we live. So “Bless the Lord, winter cold and summer heat; give God praise […]

Endings and beginnings

A few days of warm weather recently motivated us to finish the last of autumn’s major outdoor chores. The deck furniture and grill have been stored in the garage, the porch sealed, and most of the gardens trimmed back for their winter’s rest. The cottage garden outside the kitchen window and the last of the […]

The spiders remain

Sheryl and I have made a pilgrimage to Chautauqua Institution almost every summer since we’ve been married, staying a week or two on the grounds to soak in the arts and thoughts and imagination of the place and its people. We talk of going elsewhere some summer, but when the time comes to make reservations […]