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When night has ended

Jesus erases differences so completely, he leaves me dumbfounded. For example, “Whoever welcomes you,” he says to his disciples, “welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me” (Matt. 10:40-42). For anyone who welcomes you, you are not merely someone who holds certain beliefs or belongs to a specific faith tradition. You […]

And this is such a time

When will we see the harassed and helpless crowds (Matt. 9:35-38), really see them? When will the concerns of those who’ve been beaten down in life become our concerns, enough to liberate our compassion, enough to break our hearts, enough for their suffering to become our suffering? When will we see the harassed and helpless, […]

Human family

Can we all get along?” That was Rodney King’s question during the 1991 riots in Los Angeles, and it’s a good one today. The acquittal of four L.A. police officers of charges related to their beating of King as he lay helpless on the ground – a beating captured on video and widely broadcast – […]

When trials come

“Terror holds me in its grip,” the psalmist wrote, “trembling seizes me. If I had wings like a dove, I would fly far away and rest, fly away to the quiet of the wilderness to escape the raging storm” (Ps. 55:6-9 icel alt.). Am I the only one who ever thinks of running away from […]

God is dangerous

Nick and Carmen Perry last week welcomed the birth of their second child, Nadia Grace. Both mother and child are doing well, but considering the challenges Nick and Carmen had to overcome to have any children at all, and after some difficulty in Nadia’s birth, “Nadia” and “Grace” seem especially appropriate names for this new […]

Credentials of faith

If one woman can be required to carry papers proving she’s Muslim and that she has permission to wear a hijab, what ought any of the rest of us be required to produce to prove we’re Christian (or an adherent of any other religion) and have permission to wear a sign of our faith? Melona […]