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On listening to your heart

What’s on your list of things to do? Mine includes chores like mow the lawn; power wash the fence and garage; clear the piles of paper from my study. What does your list include? Here are some things that were on Leonardo da Vinci’s list of things to do in 1510: calculate the measurement of […]

Look again

It’s an old question, as old as the human story. When will God visit this world, this middle ground between heaven and hell, to grant our ancient yearning and set things right? How long will the earth yield thorns and thistles for all our hard work; how long will we have to till the ground […]

When trials come

“Terror holds me in its grip,” the psalmist wrote, “trembling seizes me. If I had wings like a dove, I would fly far away and rest, fly away to the quiet of the wilderness to escape the raging storm” (Ps. 55:6-9 icel alt.). Am I the only one who ever thinks of running away from […]