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At the gate of the year

In the dark, uncertain days of late 1939, shortly after the outbreak of World War II, England’s King George VI sought to encourage his nation in his Christmas message. In his radio broadcast he read from a poem by a little-known American teacher at the London School of Economics, Minnie Louise Haskins. The poem began: […]

Endings and beginnings

A few days of warm weather recently motivated us to finish the last of autumn’s major outdoor chores. The deck furniture and grill have been stored in the garage, the porch sealed, and most of the gardens trimmed back for their winter’s rest. The cottage garden outside the kitchen window and the last of the […]

On the value of not being well adjusted

“The last thing you want to be is a well-adjusted person.” The speaker was Lenore Bierbaum, one of my undergraduate psychology professors. “What you want to be,” she said, “is a person who adjusts well.” Her point was that “well adjusted” is static, like being stuck in a rut, or like death. Life, on the […]