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Changing the conversation

“What’s the point of this life?” my friend asked over dinner. No doubt, it was a rhetorical question, the kind people ask knowing there’s no completely satisfying answer. It was also, no doubt, a question that arose from a deep hunger to have an answer and from the knowledge that the only answer that counts […]

Blessed to be a blessing

To be filled, we need to be empty: Clay gives shape to a bowl, but it’s the emptiness within that makes it useful. To speak, we first need to be silent: “He who does not understand your silence,” Elbert Hubbard said, “will probably not understand your words.” To gain wisdom, we need to live with […]

On blessings and woes

Call it what you will – the reign of God, the kingdom of heaven, the more and better life than you ever dreamed of having (John 10:10 MSG) – the quality of life you’ve been yearning for is right under your nose, and most of us never see it (Gosp. Thomas 113). Why don’t we? […]

How to live well

It’s easy to lose the meaning of what you try to say when your words are translated into a different language and a different culture. Kentucky Fried Chicken got off to a bad start opening a franchise in China when their slogan, “Finger-lickin’ good,” was translated, “Eat your fingers off.” And a Swedish company missed […]

Where life is found

I don’t know exactly why people have such a difficult time seeing the kingdom of God (Gospel of Thomas, log. 113), the more and better life than we ever dreamed of that Jesus offered, the abundant life that is already spread on the earth, but I’m certain it’s not for lack of looking. Anthony de […]

How God blesses broken hearts

The odd thing about the Beatitudes is that, while they all begin with the word “blessed” or “happy,” most of them seem at first to have nothing to do with blessing or happiness. Our Puritan ancestors burdened us with the illusion, still widely popular today, that material prosperity is a sign of God’s favor. Almost […]

Making a fresh start

The first job of any job is to learn. Tim Gannon knows that. The Outback Steakhouse founder claims he has yet to meet a successful business person who didn’t have a great story to tell about starting off on the ground floor. Chris Kearney, CEO of industrial products giant SPX Corporation, affirms that a successful […]