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Simply to fall on our knees

National Poetry Month, Day 21  //  Nothing sensory for me surpasses in glory the chorus of birdsong that rises in the predawn hours of early spring. As much as anything that bursts from the ground or buds from the greening branches of trees, and more than most, birdsong heralds the return of the season of […]

Buffalo Dusk

Carl Sandburg died fifty years ago yesterday, on 22 July 1967, and yesterday I discovered his short poem “Buffalo Dusk.” At first I thought the title referred to my adopted hometown, Buffalo, New York, but soon found it striking closer to my heart, as you may, too, if you read it. “The buffaloes are gone,” […]

On the brink of everything

Twice in a handful of days my attention has been hijacked by a phrase that brings me new insight into Easter and the new life that is spread all around us. Courtney Martin, in the opening line of her blog at onbeing.org, wrote, “My daughter is on the brink of everything.” She described how her […]