Meanwhile Orion

Today I stepped out of the house to retrieve the morning newspaper and got a dose of eternity in the bargain. In the eastern sky, the moon was well into its last quarter, with bright Venus riding close by, while to the south Orion kept vigil. In my hands was more news of life’s messy bits, in my heart the sudden reminder of something much more afoot than I’m aware of most of the time.

Today’s newspaper, as it is every day, is full of reports of “wars and rumors of wars”; of an oppressive and unjust economy that cushions the rich and powerful and suffocates the rest of us; of petty or profound crimes in realms private and public. Where does the list end? Most days it seems there’s reason to dread bringing such news into the house, so why do it at all?

This morning Orion brought other news, as quiet as the music of the spheres. While life’s messy bits clutter my mind and heart, Orion stands watch, knowing something more. [Revised 8 September 2021]

One comment

  1. I believe we unknowingly shared that experience. I was out at our monastery in WVA at that time. Walking to the meditation hall, eyes cast down and watching the path, fearful of catching my sandal on the tree roots, something caused me to pause and look up through the dark night in the forest. Orion was looking down at me, directing me to the hall, watching over me.
    I’m glad to know that someone else participated in this vision.

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