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On the making of poems

“My chief aim is to make a poem. You make it for yourself firstly, and then if other people want to join in then there we are.” —R.S. Thomas (1913-2000)

Inhabiting myself

“Unless we completely inhabit ourselves, it’s not possible to be completely present.” So wrote Gina Sharpe, founder of the New York Insight Meditation Center. Today I’m going to concentrate on inhabiting myself completely. Most of the time (especially during the past winter, it seems), I’ve inhabited innumerable places other than myself: the countless tasks of work; […]

On the advantage of starting over

John Wesley, the eighteenth-century Anglican priest who started the revival movement that became The United Methodist Church, wrote that every seven years he burned all his sermons, “for it is a shame if I cannot write better sermons now than I did seven years ago.” Even far less than seven years ago I find things I’ve […]

Puzzling life

Following newspaper columnist Joseph Kraft’s death in 1986, Roger Rosenblatt wrote in Time of the columnist’s art and gave an apt and enduring image of what I hope to do in this blog and elsewhere in my writing. “The columnist will make sense of all this somehow,” Rosenblatt wrote, referring to the continuing parade of news that […]