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Stepping into the deep (Into the Sea)

“The last thing you want to be is a well-adjusted person.” Those may be some of the only words I remember verbatim from my undergraduate education. They came from Lenore Bierbaum, one of my psychology professors, and they certainly got my attention. But then she went on to say, “What you want to be is […]

Stepping out

In 1978 I had a moment like Saint Peter must have had when he stepped out of the boat and experienced the truth of W.H. Auden’s observation that “the distresses of choice are our chance to be blessed.” That was the year I chose to leave one publishing house and join another. It was probably […]

The choice

Simple instructions can be dangerous things. Far from helping me do what I want to do, they can sometimes reduce my ego to a pile of rubble. Take for example my effort to connect a new TV and sound bar with an old DVD player – a simple task, I thought naively. After at least […]

Dancing with angels

What in life is worth so much you’d be willing to risk almost everything else to have it? “Which one of you, having a hundred sheep and losing one of them, [would] not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost until [you find] it” (Luke 15:4)? “Nobody,” one […]

On living with the right regrets

Whoever suggested living so as to have no regrets, it seems to me, didn’t know life very well or hadn’t lived very much of it. It can’t be done, as anyone who’s lived very long knows full well. “Maybe all one can do,” playwright Arthur Miller speculated, “is hope to end up with the right […]