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No matter how you voted in last week’s presidential election, and regardless of why you voted that way, our work as the church remains the same. The details of what we need to be doing have changed, and the challenges to our ministry have increased, but what we aim to do has not changed. It […]

You are witnesses

Two weeks ago I spoke of the need for the church to find our voice during this election year. We need to participate in the public dialogue and contribute our perspective in the effort to define and enrich our life together. A nation of people looking for reason to hope today needs us to account […]

Church without walls

What does the death of the church look like? “To everything there is a season,” the Teacher wrote, “and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted” (Eccles. 3:1-2). Does anyone expect death […]

Almost Christian

What is discipleship? It may seem an unexpected question, coming from a church member, but it’s a good one. We’ve grown so accustomed to the church’s jargon, we often use words casually even when we don’t know what they mean. Even when we understand their meanings, we often don’t undertake their challenges. I confess there […]

Enron and the church

Enron, the giant energy company that experienced a colossal self-destruction in 2001, is still providing lessons for us, this time in the newsletter of Laura Stack (The Productivity Pro). The lesson she draws is about how the company’s top executives completely lost track of the company’s mission and values and instead “focused on feathering their […]