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A Jesus I might follow

An amazing thing happened when Jesus met that Canaanite woman (Matt. 15:21-28). It’s not that Jesus healed the woman’s daughter and might have done so remotely. It’s not that he had close contact with someone his social and religious training insisted he avoid. What’s amazing is that when this foreign woman challenged him, he learned […]

The firstfruits of the Spirit

What’s missing in your life? And how much do you hunger for it? Those questions came up Wednesday in our discussion of John Wesley’s faith and the roots of Methodism. Wesley knew there’s more to living well and attaining spiritual wholeness than the mere practice of religion. Like anyone who sets out on a spiritual […]

Universal Spirit

Here’s some good news: There’s no need to give up chocolate, electronic gadgets, or your other favorite little indulgences for Lent. A different idea for fasting is making the news this year, thanks to something Pope Francis said in his annual Lenten message last week. Trouble is, this different kind of fasting might be more […]

You are called to be loved

The idea of living abundantly has been playing in the background since September as I’ve crafted these messages from week to week. Living abundantly is the work of Christmas – rebuilding the broken walls of our community and world, and rebuilding the broken lives that seek shelter in community. Finding the lost, healing the broken, […]