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A new Reformation: A matter of case

Today most of the Protestant church observed Reformation Sunday, marking the 500th anniversary of the day in 1517 when the German priest Martin Luther posted in Wittenburg his celebrated ninety-five theses, detailing significant errors in theology or practice he found in the way the Roman church was being church. It sparked the Protestant Reformation, and, […]

The voice of authority

In the battle against fake news, Andreas Vlachos – a computer scientist living in England – is on the front lines. “I’m trying to channel my research,” he said, “into something that is useful for everyone who’s reading the news.”1 Combating fake news, finding a voice of authority we can depend on, is also useful […]

Habitat for divinity

Can Buffalo ever come back? That was the question posed by The New York Sun seven years ago. It’s a question a lot of people are asking today about The United Methodist Church, at least in Europe and North America. The answer for Buffalo, it appears, is turning out to be “yes.” In the case […]