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Another test

If Satan had worked smarter instead of harder, he might have won Jesus over (see Matthew 4:1-11). One day, one brief moment, and one modest, well-placed temptation might have done the trick. Instead, he may have overplayed his hand and in forty days of fruitless effort squandered what might have been his best opportunity. Temptation […]

The hinge of choice

During my last eye exam, the doctor told me I have the start of cataracts. It could be years before I need to do anything about them, he said, but the news was a gentle reminder of the shortness of life, the kind of reminder the psalmist prayed would lead to wisdom of heart (Ps. […]

The choice

Simple instructions can be dangerous things. Far from helping me do what I want to do, they can sometimes reduce my ego to a pile of rubble. Take for example my effort to connect a new TV and sound bar with an old DVD player – a simple task, I thought naively. After at least […]

Choice and blessing

“The distresses of choice are our chance to be blessed.” —W.H. Auden