Monthly Archives: May 2021

A God named Fred

My barber once kept in his shop a goldfish named Fred. Being given a name did nothing to identify Fred’s nature or reveal his character. (I assume Fred was male only because of his name, not because anyone knowledgeable about such things had sexed him.) Certainly it did nothing to change his experience of being […]

Passing the baton

[For two years I have served as transition pastor for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Tonawanda, New York, as the congregation searched for its next regularly installed pastor. Most of these ruminations are messages I shared with them during worship on Sunday mornings. A new pastor set to begin ministry on May 17. This is […]

A true Mother’s Day

Twenty billion dollars, according to the National Retail Federation. That’s roughly the amount Americans are expected to spend this year for Mother’s Day. No other holiday is as popular for dining out; Hallmark reports it generates the third highest number of card sales, behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day; and only on Christmas are more gifts […]