Hope on a Friday morning

There’s plenty of reason to think the social-political landscape that I wake up to every morning and go to sleep in every night is bleak and empty of promise. (My home state of Missouri has joined the list of those with antiabortion laws more restrictive than I thought we’d ever see again in this country, and I’m feeling consequently homeless in some deep way.) I sometimes wonder why I bother to watch the news any more. Sometimes I fast from it, but I always return, looking for the bright points that are always there to be found if my eyes are sharp enough and my mind clear enough to see. A bright spot I found this morning was this advice from Garrison Keillor, who, I just discovered, has resurrected his column, The Writer’s Almanac, and what appears to be a weekly blog. “Do as I do,” he writes. “Take it one day at a time. Lighten up. Count your blessings: GPS, YouTube, Google, a vast assortment of craft beers and salad bars in supermarkets. Figure out who your true friends are. Hold off on long-term planning until November, 2020, when we’ll have a clearer idea of the future. In the meantime, dance when you get the chance.” Not bad advice for a Friday morning.

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