Before I die . . .

Forty-one of you responded to my challenge last week, to complete the sentence, “Before I die, I want to . . . .” Here are your responses.

  1. Related to personal life. (13 responses)
    1. Live a full, joyful life of happiness.
    2. I wish I had enjoyed each day more and have less worries.
    3. Focus on myself and make myself happier first.
    4. Become a better person.
    5. Strive every day to be a better person.
    6. Be happy, healthy, without worries as Jesus wishes; be at peace with myself.
    7. I’ve been trying to answer this since my kids left the nest; the answer has escaped me. (Free from something.)
    8. Clear my house of disorder.
    9. Be a train engineer; drive a train.
    10. Learn French; learn ASG; learn to be more confident; travel the world and learn about cultures and people and heritage.
    11. Go to Disney; grow hair; pay my debts; get taller.
    12. Pray for peoples. Find a good home dog. Go to see my sister; live [in] North Canton, N.C.; find out where my brother is.
    13. See the Grand Canyon for real.
  2. Related to relationships. (9 responses)
    1. See my children happy in life.
    2. Spend time with my family.
    3. See my kids all get along.
    4. Write and call friends.
    5. Spend more time with wife and family, less time with work.
    6. Know where my brother [—] is buried and make peace with his sons.
    7. Love family and church family.
    8. Be more loving, caring and supportive to my friends in need.
    9. See some natural earth beauties with my children just to take in with our eyes what we have around us.
  3. Related to faith formation. (9 responses)
    1. Understand the Ten Commandments; be myself; be honest; be faithful; learn to forgive.
    2. Read the Bible in its entirety; be a better Christian.
    3. Fulfill the life God wants for me and truly know I have done so.
    4. Study and really know what God intends for us.
    5. Get as close as I can to being what God wants, has planned for me.
    6. Have a peaceful departure.
    7. Experience God speaking personally to me and directly feel the warmth of His love.
    8. Live my life to the fullest; serve God; love my family forever in my heart.
    9. Visit the Holy Land.
  4. Related to serving others. (5 responses)
    1. Contribute more to my community.
    2. Be able to respond and love others as Christ loves me.
    3. Be a better Christian and show love to others.
    4. Serve God more, help people more.
    5. Retire for 6 years so I can do more outreach work, possibly sing in choir.
  5. Related to faith sharing. (4 responses)
    1. Serve the Lord by helping those less fortunate than I to find peace and joy in Him.
    2. Have deep talks with my children and grandchildren and tell them how much I love them and God loves them.
    3. Know that my children and grandchildren have come to know and love the Lord.
    4. Make sure my family is prepared for whatever comes their way and where all better Christians.
  6. (2 responses)
    1. Have more time to think about it.
    2. I shall not want!

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