Monthly Archives: November 2015

Give thanks

On Thursday Sheryl and I will do what most Americans will do when we gather with our family to celebrate Thanksgiving. No one is certain when or how the custom began, but most accounts trace the day’s origin to Plymouth Colony in present-day Massachusetts, when in 1621, following a brutal winter, some Pilgrim settlers celebrated […]


I didn’t expect four words, that at first caused me so much trouble, to become central to my faith. St. Cyprian of Carthage is thought to have been the first to use them, in the third century. They’ve been affirmed by great leaders and councils of the church throughout history. But when Pope Francis used […]


Referring to the seven pillars of faith may be misleading. Pillars are substantial; they hold things up and don’t move; they can remain in place long after their purpose is gone. Virtually all that remains of the Parthenon, perhaps the most perfect example of Classical architecture in history, are its pillars, surrounding shards of stone, […]


There’s nothing quite like being around someone who is perfect to remind me how imperfect and inadequate I am. Maybe that’s why I’ve had trouble with the concept of saints. People surrounded by an air of perfection in this life can make me feel inadequate; people fortified by the perfect invulnerability of sainthood can make […]