Monthly Archives: October 2015


The first three pillars of my faith – silence, presence, and attentiveness – would, I suspect, quickly become little more than self-indulgent navel gazing were it not for the fourth pillar: responsiveness. Allowing silence, in which the music of the spheres might whisper; returning and being fully present to the here-and-now; attending with all my […]


What was it that motivated Abram to get up and leave family and home for an uncertain future in an unknown place (Gen. 11:31—12:4)? What would motivate any of us to do that? What is it in us – emptiness, hunger, yearning, hope, frustration, dissatisfaction, aspiration – that would so complete and fulfill our life, […]


Being completely silent and fully present in the moment, being perfectly immersed in prayer or in any relationship, is hard work! “How rare the moment and how brief the duration,” Nelson Thayer, my meditation teacher in seminary, often said. He was referring to that moment in prayer or meditation when distractions let go and we […]