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Always we begin again

My soul, sit thou a patient looker-on; Judge not the play before the play is done; Her plot has many changes; every day Speaks a new scene; the last act crowns the play. —Francis Quarles (1592–1644)   For the past two weeks, we’ve been witnessing a couple of fierce contests come to a kind of […]

When trials come

“Terror holds me in its grip,” the psalmist wrote, “trembling seizes me. If I had wings like a dove, I would fly far away and rest, fly away to the quiet of the wilderness to escape the raging storm” (Ps. 55:6-9 icel alt.). Am I the only one who ever thinks of running away from […]

Almost Christian

What is discipleship? It may seem an unexpected question, coming from a church member, but it’s a good one. We’ve grown so accustomed to the church’s jargon, we often use words casually even when we don’t know what they mean. Even when we understand their meanings, we often don’t undertake their challenges. I confess there […]