Monthly Archives: May 2015


Today is Trinity Sunday, and in my imagination I’m going  to mark the day by having coffee with a trinity of old friends: the great Jewish prophet Isaiah, English poet and Jesuit priest Gerard Manley Hopkins, and American writer Annie Dillard. It may seem an odd assortment, but they have this in common: Each of […]

Heart sounds

However you interpret the May 12 Pew Research Center report, “America’s Changing Religious Landscape,” you have to give it credit for waking us to some fundamental changes that have been taking place in our society. “The Christian share of the U.S. population is declining,” the report said, “while the number of U.S. adults who do […]

You are witnesses

We’re offering gifts to the confirmands today. We should offer a warning instead. Their mentors are giving them good study Bibles that will serve them for a lifetime. I’m giving them copies of Three Simple Rules, a modern restatement of John Wesley’s guide to faithful living. Not meaning to seem indelicate, I feel we ought […]

Chosen and sent

Twenty billion dollars. That’s roughly the amount Americans are expected spend this year1 to dishonor the Mother’s Day holiday and its founders, Ann and Anna Jarvis. No other holiday is as popular for dining out;2 Hallmark reports it’s the number three holiday for card sales, behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day; and only on Christmas are […]

Two earthquakes

Two earthquakes of human suffering have captured our attention. First, there was one in Nepal. Numbers are rising from first reports of more than 2,000 killed, to estimates of 5,000 or more, to some thought that the final count of the dead could top 10,000. And how many injured? bereaved? homeless? The question is not, […]