Monthly Archives: January 2015

You are called to belong

There’s almost no human need more basic than our need to be loved and to belong. Psychologists tell us that once we have what it takes to keep us physically alive and safe from harm, our deepest need is to be truly valued and to know we belong to a community: a family, a network […]

You are called to be loved

The idea of living abundantly has been playing in the background since September as I’ve crafted these messages from week to week. Living abundantly is the work of Christmas – rebuilding the broken walls of our community and world, and rebuilding the broken lives that seek shelter in community. Finding the lost, healing the broken, […]

This call is for you

After the curtain falls on our celebration of Christmas, Howard Thurman reminded us in his poem, the work of Christmas begins: “To find the lost, / To heal the broken, / To feed the hungry, / To release the prisoner, / To rebuild the nations, / To bring peace among brothers [and sisters], / To […]

Your light has come

The main problem with Christmas, I sometimes think, is the infant Jesus. The sweet babe of Bethlehem is such a winsome figure, it’s easy to romanticize him and forget Simeon’s words when Mary presented her newborn son in the temple: “This child is destined for the falling and the rising of many in Israel, and […]