Monthly Archives: September 2014

How God blesses broken hearts

The odd thing about the Beatitudes is that, while they all begin with the word “blessed” or “happy,” most of them seem at first to have nothing to do with blessing or happiness. Our Puritan ancestors burdened us with the illusion, still widely popular today, that material prosperity is a sign of God’s favor. Almost […]

Remember Your Roots

You know a song is more than ordinary when it speaks to people of all ages, goes viral on Youtube, and steals the show from pop-media icons at professional sporting events. The song that was never supposed to be released as a single has taken on a life of its own because of its message […]

Living abundantly

The children’s backpacks have been blessed, and not a moment too soon. Already they are loaded with indispensable provisions for the daily trek to school and back, even as the children are being loaded with things we believe are indispensable for life. Modern backpacks are designed for heavy loads, and kids take full advantage, filling […]

Making a fresh start

The first job of any job is to learn. Tim Gannon knows that. The Outback Steakhouse founder claims he has yet to meet a successful business person who didn’t have a great story to tell about starting off on the ground floor. Chris Kearney, CEO of industrial products giant SPX Corporation, affirms that a successful […]