Monthly Archives: August 2014

Who do you say he is?

“Tell us a story!” That’s the way I would begin the earliest conversations I remember having with my grandmother. When my sister and cousins and I were in her presence, someone would inevitably ask her to tell us a story from her childhood. Then we would gather around wherever we could find room and listen […]

Changing Jesus

If a little faith will move mountains (Matt. 17:20), what will great faith do? Will it transform the world? Will it change the mind of Jesus? “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever,” the scriptures tell us (Heb. 13:8). The scriptures appear to be wrong. Great faith, it seems, can change the […]

Stepping out

In 1978 I had a moment like Saint Peter must have had when he stepped out of the boat and experienced the truth of W.H. Auden’s observation that “the distresses of choice are our chance to be blessed.” That was the year I chose to leave one publishing house and join another. It was probably […]

All ate and were filled

Sometimes life asks more of us than it seems we have to give. It did of my maternal grandmother, Edith. At twenty-six years of age she became a widow with six children to support, including my mother, who had been born the same year. On top of that, the family had moved to a new […]