Monthly Archives: July 2014

“X” marks the spot

July 25 was a life-changing day for Jack London. On that day in 1897 he set off for the Klondike Gold Rush. Gold had been found a year earlier, but it took a while for news to reach the United States. Almost as soon as it did, 100,000 men, including London – and, I assume, […]

The cicadas

This evening the cicadas have taken up the chorus they began last week, signaling the dwindling days of summer and autumn’s approach. The heat will still come, but it will start to lose its edge. Everything in nature in this part of the world moves at once toward its fullness and its rest. How different […]

Of weeds and wheat

The garden where Sheryl and I once lived had been ignored for at least two years before we arrived. Do you know how many weeds can accumulate in two years in an untended garden? Sheryl, an avid gardener, set out right away to clear the weeds and bring new order and beauty to the space. […]

Between the gains and the losses

Ruby is gone. The robin that built her nest on one of our garage lights has been missing since we returned from vacation, leaving behind a single delicate jewel of robin’s-egg blue. The promise she brought when she built her nest – that we might be close witnesses of the hatching and fledging of her […]