Monthly Archives: March 2014


A meaningful life,” Stephen Covey wrote, “is not a matter of speed or efficiency. It’s much more a matter of what you do and why you do it.” The season of Lent, I believe, is about slowing down, becoming less efficient, and choosing to live a meaningful life, the kind of life Jesus said he came […]

Going the distance

The season of Lent comes with a hard question. When do the gifts of God, meant to help us in our journey of faith, become obstacles that prevent us from reaching our destination? When do green pastures that restore our souls become soft couches on which we lie down into the sleep of spiritual death? […]

Another test

If Satan had worked smarter instead of harder, he might have won Jesus over (see Matthew 4:1-11). One day, one brief moment, and one modest, well-placed temptation might have done the trick. Instead, he may have overplayed his hand and in forty days of fruitless effort squandered what might have been his best opportunity. Temptation […]

Original amnesia

Have we gotten the season of Lent wrong after generations of drift and dilution in our faith? Too easily, I believe – and mistakenly – we allow the prophet Joel to set the tone for Lent in the traditional Ash Wednesday reading, in which he warns of an approaching “day of darkness and gloom” and […]

The hinge of choice

During my last eye exam, the doctor told me I have the start of cataracts. It could be years before I need to do anything about them, he said, but the news was a gentle reminder of the shortness of life, the kind of reminder the psalmist prayed would lead to wisdom of heart (Ps. […]